Lake Effect Snow

With the unusually warm winter we have had to date Lake Erie remains unfrozen and we have prime conditions for lake effect snows. Yesterday we got 5-6″ of snowfall and another 8″ last night. I left work and picked up Eric at the baby sitter. Arriving home I found our friend Hobart with his 4WD truck parked overtop our lilac bushes and halfway out on the lawn. It appears Hobart had stopped by to drop off some money to Kathryn to help pay for his wife Jean’s upcoming trip to St Johns. No one was home so Hobart graciously started to plow our driveway and backing up using his mirrors he ventured off the driveway.

I hustled Eric into the house, got him settled in front of the TV and donned my coveralls over my work clothes. We chained my truck to his and easily got Hobart situated back on the driveway where he graciously completed the plowing job and left. The pictures below show the snow after an additional 8″ fell overnight.

img_1043.jpg img_1041.jpg

img_1040.jpg img_1039.jpg

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