Valentine’s Day Blizzard

Over the past 24 hours we received 18″ of snow on top of all the previous lake effect snows. This was one of those shovel & plow twice days, just to keep ahead of the accumulating snow. You can see our snow is starting to add up. Look at the snow piled around our 4′ 3-board fence.


We went out and played on the snow piles before dinner. We have some 8′ piles where the snow has been plowed from the driveway. I took this picture at the end of our driveway looking at part of the snow pile – 4 year old child is shown for purposes of scale.


The snow piles are good for games of King of the Mountain and short, but fast, sled rides. Here Eric takes a ride as it is getting dark – the flash shows that it is still snowing.


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