A walk around our yard

Saturday I mowed lawn for the 2nd time and was struck by the difference in the blossoming of the trees. The Catalpa trees are just beginning to bud whereas our Shad tree has blossomed and started to leaf out.

img_1446.JPG img_1449.JPG

The Sugar Maples are fully leafed out. The Honey Locust are not.

img_1451.JPG img_1453.JPG

A look along the road reveals a Basswood, Ash just starting to leaf out, two Sugar Maples, and fully leafed Red Maple tree in the background. Our Bartlett Pear tree is in full blossom.

img_1458.JPG img_1463.JPG

Our Daffodils are about done with one or two exceptions.

img_1454.JPG img_1462.JPG

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