Catching up from the airport

It is early. Real early. I am flying out to Omaha to work on a proposal. My flight out of Syracuse leaves at 6:20am. I had planned on leaving the house by 4am, but you know how it goes. I was checking the time during the night and Eric awoke coughing a little before 3am so as long as we all were awake…… So now it is 5:15 and I am sitting at the airport with an hour to go.

We got through a busy weekend. Kathryn had her 35 year HS reunion on Friday. She said there weren’t a lot of her class attending, but the 20 or so that did were ones she wanted to talk with.

Eric, Trey and I went to Schoharie on Friday. We went out to eat with Mom and Joe & Barbara at Janet’s Diner in Schoharie. Afterwards the weather was so nice Eric, Trey & sat out on the lawn and waited for Robert and Linda to stop by. Robert was nice enough to bring milk shakes for everyone.

Saturday morning we went to Barb’s to clean up some items on her computer, had lunch and then returned to the home base. Saturday night we went out to the local community play – The Music Man. We had a couple of friends working on the sets and knew a couple of the actors.

Sunday I got our lawn mowed for the 1st time this year. The 1st time through, no matter how high I set the mower deck, I end up chopping small twigs, lobbing off mole hills and generally cutting things non-grass.  In the afternoon we went to baby shower for Phillip Helmer, Jim & Pam Helmer’s son.

Monday I found out about my trip, made all my arrangements, packed and had time to take Eric swimming last night. There were only 3 of us in the pool as with the better weather kids are involved in t-ball, soccer and other activities, but we enjoyed ourselves none the less.

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