Weekend Report

Trey and I woke up a little before 7am to the sound of thunderstorms and light rain. At 8am it is still raining a little and the thunder has been nearly continuous for an hour. I looked on the weather map and didn’t see storm clouds over Little Tupper where Kathryn, Eric and the rest of the gang are camping.


I spent 3 hours of pasture mowing. I finished the front half and started on the back. It is hotter than heck out there. Rome is reporting 91 degrees. The indoor gauges say it is almost 80 in the house and it feels cool. Humidity is 75%. We will have to have thunderstorms this afternoon. There is just too much moisture and too much heat. I had a bagel in a Ziploc bag on the dining room table and Trey stole and ate while I was nice enough to leave him inside.

Well that was interesting. We got a light rain about 2:30 yesterday so I figured I was done mowing. 10 minutes later a HUGE thunderstorm blew threw. High winds, violent rain, hail the size of large raisins. A couple of deck plants got shredded and several tomatoes knocked off their plants. The temperature dropped 20 degrees from 80 to 60! About 30 minutes later another storm comes through – it couldn’t rain any harder – and the power gets knocked out. For the rest of the afternoon I do little jobs – fold laundry, glue the black power ranger, and read a book – the whole book. There is constant rumbling thunder and fire whistles through out the rest of the afternoon/evening.

At 7:30pm there is still no power so I fire up the generator and run it for 90 minutes to ensure the refrigerator and freezer are OK. Trey and I go feed the fish and he is feeling bouncy now that he slept all day and the temperatures are cooler.

I can watch TV and use the lights off the generator so it was a normal evening – but there is nothing good on TV – so I start another book. I used the 6 million candlepower flashlight that Ed gave me to navigate around in the dark. I woke up at 2:45am and found the power back on.

I got up at 6:30am and reset clocks, made some tea, turned on computers, glued the other leg on Black Power Ranger. I loaded up and departed for Omaha.

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