UW vs SU

Kathryn and I went to see our alma mater (University of Washington) play vs Syracuse in their opening game of the season.  Both programs are in year 3 of a rebuilding program. I wore my UW t-shirt while Kathryn decided to go neutral.  I felt safe when we got to walk up University Avenue as the UW Band  came out of the Sheraton and walked to the Carrier Dome – lots of purple there!  There were a surprising number of UW fans at the fame and the % increased through out the game as the SU folks bailed enroute to a 42-12 loss. The game started at 8pm and went late into the night, but it also wasn’t pretty if you were an SU fan.  SU had their new orange on orange uniforms – which look ugly to me.  SU only got 8 yards rushing the whole game and gave up 302 yards rushing.  The SU QB got sacked 7 times. It was clear from the start that UW had a MUCH bigger offensive line and a LOT more team speed in the backfield.  I think Rankin, the UW running back got 147 yards playing in 3 quarters and the UW freshman QB ran for 70 yards.  I saw one girl with a UW t-shirt an SU ball cap – that was a good compromise.  But I decided to bite the bullet and commit to UW.

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