Red Power Ranger Takes One for the Team

Eric is in a Power Ranger phase.  Playing with Power Rangers is his favorite thing to do.  Of course, he gets to pick who gets what Power Rangers.  Sometimes we practice “picking fair” – by taking selection turns, but if given the choice he will pick all the newest ones and leave the injured and repaired Power Rangers to me.  Usually I don’t fight it which means I end up with Black and “Red The Taped”, both whom have suffered serious leg injuries, been glued, re-injured and finally taped again.

In the scene below the castle serves as the home for Eric’s guys, including Shrek, as they witness the horrible decapitation of “Red The Taped” by T-Rex.  After this “Red The Taped” was ‘buried’ and the dinosaur continued his reign of terror against the rest of my guys.  Fortunately after all my guys were wiped out Eric declared they were all healed and could come back to life.  Wheah……. that was close.


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