Thirteenth Lake

We had a very nice camping trip on 13th Lake. We did not rush out on Friday morning since the weather looked so questionable. We stopped to purchase fishing licenses and checked out a camp on Adirondack Lake that we used to rent.

The lake itself was quite windy and somewhat choppy but we were OK. We got the best site on the lake at Elizabeth Point – a beautiful large site on a point, a rock to sun on and beautiful views in three directions. There was another campsite adjacent to it, and we fended off a few interested parties so that nephew Mark and his wife Danielle could have it. I hate doing that, but we did it anyway. We figured nephew Matt and my great-nephew Nathan could share the large site with us.

13th Lake is a very pretty lake. It is easily accessible so in years past it has been heavily used and there were other canoes and fisherman on the lake, but it was quiet. As we were canoeing in., an osprey that had just caught a fish flew right past us, not very high up. We could see the fish was still wiggling. It was cool. There was an American Three-toed woodpecker at the campsite, which was also very cool.

We got there about 2:30pm. We cut wood, played camp bocci and did some fishing. We saw a monster dragon fly.

Eric has had a loose tooth for weeks, which finally exited while we were camping. Fortunately he was OK with saving the tooth until we got home. I am not sure the tooth fairy was prepared for a camping trip.

The others did not get there after 7 (they said they got a late start then ran into heavy traffic). It was a long wait, for Eric who was anxious to play with his cousin. By the time they set up and we ate it was dark and bedtime.

We hung around Saturday morning since the weather looked so nice.

Fortunately we left the rain tarp up as we got a thunderstorm and quite a downpour around lunchtime.

We got another downpour when we were almost – but not quite – to the take-out. So we and all our gear were wet when we got home.

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