A fruity day

Kathryn says: “Today was a fruity sort of day.  The other day we had cut a mess of rhubarb with the thought of making rhubarb juice.  So today, while Eric played with his buddy Trevor, I cut and stewed and strained rhubarb and canned the juice.  The end result was 6 jars of rhubarb juice, which turned out to be a very pretty pink color.

It seemed a lot of work when I don’t particularly care for rhubarb, but Jim says the juice is good when mixed with ginger ale.  I also have a recipe for rhubarb margaritas and maybe he will try that someday. And I must admit there is something very gratifying in looking at those gleaming, filled jars.  I imagine my mother might have felt that way after canning all that fruit she used to do.   Meanwhile, I only used half of the rhubarb we cut, so I expect I will repeat the whole process tomorrow.

After finishing my canning,  Eric, Trevor and I headed into the woods in search of wild strawberries.  I had scouted out three good sized patches when I took my walk this morning.  There were scads of ripe berries and the boys thought it was just too cool to be able to graze our way along.

By the time we got through the third berry patch, the boys claimed they were getting full.  We headed home, at which point their appetites revived enough for bowls of macaroni and cheese as a follow-up.”

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