BHA Hunter Show

Sunday we went to BHA Hunter Show and Eric went in Lead line Equitation and Lead line Suitability versus his buddy Trevor, and two 2 year old girls: Trevor’s sister Maggie and Andrea’s Julia.

Rachael holds the horse and Eric keeps a hand on Maggie. Everyone was happy that Maggie stayed awake this time. In a show a month earlier Maggie fell asleep in the warm sunshine as she was being led into the class despite Rachael and Eric’s best attempts to keep her awake.

Below our neighbor Andrea holds 30 year old Katie, who holds two year old Julia. Julia was ready to rock & roll- she kept telling Andrea ‘RIDE’ while waiting for the class. The judge asked Julia what her number was (a three digit exhibitor number pinned to her back) and Julia patted the mare and said ‘KATIE’. In the Lead Line Suitability class (where the horse was judged), the 30 year old Katie took 1st place. Good for her.

Below Eric shows a smile (and missing teeth) during one of the laps around the ring on Onyx.

Eric got a 2nd prize in equitation – a red ribbon and a coloring/sticker book.

It starting raining as we finished our classes. We posed quickly for the picture below and then beat feet. They ended up canceling the rest of the Hunter Show.

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