Camping At Soft Maple

We went camping last Friday-Saturday at Soft Maple and returned on Saturday evening. There are several attractions at Soft Maple. One is the large sand hill which the boys climb,

and then roll down.

Needless to say the end result is a lot of accumulated sand on the participants which then requires cleaning. There is a small beach and swim area that the boys enjoyed.

There are also several short hikes to nearby waterfalls which offered opportunities to climb around on the rocks (and throw sticks and rocks into the stream).

Later that night we cooked hot dogs and salmon patties over the fire. Here Eric and Trevor share a chair by the fire.

And later at night the boys roasted (burnt) marshmallows for a good sugar fix before bedtime.

Everything went well except that Trevor fell out of the camper during the night and Kathryn had a conniption. She went to check on the boys and he wasn’t in the bed. We did a search and found him sitting on the ground outside half asleep! He had squirmed between the bed and the canvas side of the pop-up and ended up on the ground. Funny now, but we were in full panic mode for a few minutes.

As we were packing up to leave on Saturday night Trevor reached into the fire place to pick up a stone and burned his thumb and fingers badly. He cried like a banshee until he fell asleep on the ride home. Like I said – it went well…..

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