Kathryn’s Ultralight Ride

We have a friend with an ultralight. As a Christmas present for Kathryn I arranged for him to give her a ride in the ultralight. Last night she flew. Eric and I watched the preparations and take off and then took off for home. Part of the plan was to fly over our property and Kathryn got some nice pictures of our pasture and ponds.

Arriving from the East towards our barn and house.

Right overhead looking down at the house and barn. If you have superior eyesight you can see Eric, the blue dot next to barn waving…..

Looking down at the house and deck.

They were up in the air about 45 minutes and also captured a nice view of the sunset.

Kathryn said the take off made her a little nervous as the ultralight was swaying a bit. Once in the air she said it was great. Although they approach a landing at less than 30 mph and land within 15 feet she said the landing seems fast.

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