Fall Scouting Trip

Two years ago we took a weekend for a car camping trip to scout possible canoe trips for the next year. We explored put ins and take outs and checked out lakes and ponds as camping destinations.  That lead us to a number of fun trips in 2007.  This weekend we are re-enacting the car camping / scouting trip.

Day 1 is to encompass

  • Driving up through Old Forge to Brown’s Tract and checking out the boardwalk/portage through Brown’s Tract.
  • Checking out Rock Lake off Route 28
  • Backtracking a little towards Long Lake. Checking out Big Brook as a possible overnight canoe trip.
  • Going to Long Lake and checking out the Boy Scout camp – depending on the time we may or may not try the hike up the overlook.
  • Checking out John Dillon Park as a possible winter camping destination
  • Camping overnight at one of the roadside campsite pull offs near Horse Shoe Lake
  • Others to be added as “targets of opportunity” during the day

Day 2 –

  • St Regis Area access roads
  • Meacham Lake
  • Santa Clara Tract
  • Tooley Pond
  • Oswegatchie River below Cranberry Lake
  • Grass River

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