Eric & Jim’s Bachelor Weekend

My neighbor leases out a couple of corn fields in back of our forty acres.  He is building a new house and has a new shale driveway.  I think he didn’t want the tractors and wagons to mess it up when they picked the corn.  So I gave permission to use our lane to access the fields.  I underestimated the number of trips they would be making and the size/weight of the wagons.  They rutted it up pretty good in a couple of places. Friday afternoon I took my tractor and back blade across the road to try to smooth our our lane.  I was able to scrape the bank gravel fill back in to semblance of a road, but there are a couple of ruts where the hay field runs into the woods that are going to need a lot more work.  Next year I will be wiser.

Saturday morning Kathryn went to Old Forge with her gal pals for the weekend.  They went shopping, drank wine and played cards.  Saturday morning Eric and I went to his basketball skills & drills session and then he stayed in the gym to ‘just play’ for another 40 minutes.  Teaching basketball to kindergarten kids is like teaching chickens.  Everyone in awhile someone moves in just the right direction to be encouraging.  He seems to have a good time – but it is play time – not sport that is motivating him.  That’s OK.

After lunch Eric & I took the lawnmower in for servicing and fix an intermittent starting problem – probably a bad coil and we went to see the Madagascar 2 movie (not as good as the 1st one).  On the way home we went to WalMart to buy Pokémon cards.  Eric had a couple dollars burning a hole in his pocket.  He doesn’t understand the whole Pokémon thing, but a couple of his older buddies are into them.  He & I had dinner at Applebee’s and played our version of Pokemon while waiting for the food.

Sunday Eric cleaned Kathryn’s car – vacuumed, washed all the inside plastic and cleaned windows inside & out.  He worked diligently for about 30 minutes – I was impressed.

In the afternoon Eric’s buddy Trevor came over for a little while.  The boys played inside for about 1 hour and then we went outside.  I made ‘bows’ from ash saplings and bailing twine and we cut ‘arrows’ from goldenrod so they could shoot bows and arrows for a while.  I ended up taking Trevor home early as he complained of being cold.  We went inside and had lunch and he still said he was cold, despite wearing a t-shirt and sweat shirt.  I am not good at feeling foreheads to determine temperature.  He said he had a headache, so I called Ellen and told her I was going to bring him home early.  When I dropped Trevor off Ellen said he had an ear ache earlier in the week (like Eric) and maybe was still running a fever. Later Sunday night Ellen called and said they had found a tick on Trevor and to check out Eric (none found).

Kathryn got home around 4pm with some Christmas shopping done.

We got a little snow/sleet last night.

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