Halloween Weekend Report

Friday I cut two large limbs off the Honey Locust tree. The limbs overhung our driveway and with rain or snow the branches drooped to the point of blocking the driveway. K & I dropped off my car for an oil change, brake work and to get the snow tires installed.

Friday night Eric the werewolf went trick or treating to a couple of neighbors and then joined in the parade through the village of Holland Patent. The village blocks off streets and firetrucks precede the parade. Those houses along the short route get hammered by visitors unless they have their porch lights turned out. Eric got to see some school pals and came home with way too much candy.

Saturday I took Eric to a Community Education program to teach basketball skills and drills. In the afternoon I set our night crawlers free in the garden. In the spring we collected a muck bucket full of leaves and as we purchased, and didn’t use, fishing worms the lucky ones were kept in the muck bucket. They grew to the size of small snakes. These worms were the really lucky worms as they didn’t get selected as bait and managed to get set free prior to freezing weather.

I mowed our lawn for hopefully the last time. Much of my motivation was to mulch leaves. I mowed the leaves into a strip which we raked up into piles. Before they got dumped onto the garden Eric had to burrow into the pile.

After mowing Eric blew all the clippings and leaves off the mower and, of course, had to play with the blower.

Saturday night we went to the Steuben Historical Society dinner theater. Great meal. The play was a little long for my experience in the folding metal chair.

Sunday Kathryn and I went on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad Murder Mystery ride: “EXPEDITION TO DEATH!” An interactive mystery, train journey & dinner at Buffalo Head Restaurant in Forestport presented by The Mystery Company of the Finger Lakes, The Buffalo Head Restaurant, & the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. The story line is that Lt. Columbo has decided to take a much needed vacation. His cases are caught up and his superiors are demanding that he take some time off. He’s decided to join an expedition that is going to explore ancient Incan sites. His friend, Lucy May got him to come along because, sugar plum, archeology is her passion. Also among the group is a wacky gal who says she can see ghosts, a gallery owner who used to be a soap opera star, and the expedition assistant who seems to be afraid of everything. But uh, just a minute. just one more thing….Could there be a real treasure involved here that only certain people know about? Is there something worth killing for on this trip? Is there really a curse attached to the whole expedition? He will definitely need your help. The train departed from Utica’s Union Station. Kathryn & I rode outdoors in the baggage car for the 1st half of the hour long trip.

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