Working the Chore List

Tuesday night K made a great and innovative chicken pot pie with lots of vegies.  We sat on the deck had dinner and remembered it was the day to vote for a new school board member and the HP School Initiatives: budget, new buses, and expanding the school board from 5 to 7 members.  After we voted I saw Kathy Davis, HP Superintendent who gave me a tour of the remodeled HP Pool and said it should open around 16 June.  We came home, changed clothes and took the chainsaw over into the hay field to cut up an old dead elm tree that had fallen over the winter. I anticipate Kraegers will be cutting hay there soon and wanted to get it out of the field.  K took Eric to bed and I worked in the garden, hoeing and planting the 12 tomato plants we got through a school fund raiser. So far the garden has two rows of peas and a short row of carrots coming up.  In addition to the tomatoes I planted a short row of green beans last night as well.

K had taken 3 screen doors and one window to JK Lumber for repair from various dog/kid abuse tactics.  They installed ‘dog resistant’ screening (heavier material) which looks blacker as well.  I re-installed our 3 door screens (instant ventilation) and the window.

That let me cross a couple of items off my to-do list.

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