Camping and Floyd Field Days

We went camping on Friday and it was warm enough to swim.  We would swim and then hang out on the rock in the sun.  Eric must have gone in the water 5-6 separate times.  Skip and Rhinda joined us at dinner time.  There were three loons on the lake and one visited us at the campsite.  We also got to watch them take off and land, which doesn’t look easy! Some campers/fisherman had been on the lake recently and left a lot of gear (folding chairs, pots/pans, tarp) and garbage.  We picked up a lot of the garbage and packed it out.  I really wanted to pull all the gear out too, but we had enough trips portaging our canoes & gear.  Maybe I will return on a day trip with an empty backpack and pull out what I can.

We got back in time Saturday to be home when the rains came.  And come they did!  Wow!  Just when it seems to be drying out a bit…We had a contractor stop off and discuss the feasibility of the remodeling we want done this fall.  Afterwards we went to Okey Dokey’s for dinner.

Sunday I took Eric to the BHA Hunter Show.  It was running late but he got a 5th and 4th (of 10 entries) in his Leadline Suitability and Leadline Equitation class.  I really don’t know how they can judge Leadline Suitiabilty – which is supposed to be mainly on the horse.  Everyone has a “leadline” horse who is dead quiet and suitablity for their kid to ride.  What’s not to like?  After the horse show Kathryn took the Eric and Trevor to the Floyd Field Days for supper and a few rides.

Eric & Trevor on ride

We would have taken the boys to the fireworks, but they were not scheduled until 10:15 and that is ‘way too late – for all of us!

Eric started soccer camp starts on Monday (9am -12 noon)  and seemed to enjoy Day 1 despite the number of participants (75 kids/3 coaches).

Kathryn had a rose breasted grosbeak and a baby cardinal who is loud and ugly but still adorable, at her feeders.

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