New Driveway

Our weekend report starts last Thursday as Kathryn went for an overnight trip with her pal Jean Kraeger as she worked some of her genealogy.  I had a babysitter for Eric as I played two early volleyball matches (we won 5 of the 6 games) and got him to bed before 9pm.

Friday morning I took Eric and Trevor to the last day of their soccer camp (9am – Noon).  I was a little unsure how much he would enjoy a sports camp, but he really enjoyed it.  He learned new dribbling and ball control skills.  At the conclusion of each day they had a 15-20 minute scrimmage with a coach on the field working on passing and spacing.  I think they were a little disappointed they didn’t receive a prize in the awards ceremony but after I fed them lunch they played on the playground and all was good.  We spent 2 hours at the Trenton Pool and the boys went home tired.

Saturday we picked stone off portions of the new lawn and I worked spreading two dump-truck loads of driveway rubble around on our new driveway.  I distributed most of it using the tractor and slip scoop and then spread it with the back blade.

My garden is out of control, with weeds beginning to take over, but we picked and podded 8 cups of peas that we froze.  Eric probably ate 1 cup of peas in the process.

Saturday evening we went to a cookout at a friend’s house.  We took a walk to a nearby pond with four crane nests.  While we could see the adults sitting on the nests we couldn’t see any nestlings.

Sunday morning I finished hand spreading and raking the remaining driveway rubble, raked and seeded the last section of new lawn, moved a dirt pile to fill in some ruts from the heavy equipment and reset the fence for the dog yard. It was a long day working outside and I was ready to crash at dinner time.

Today Kathryn and Jennifer are taking Eric and Trevor to the Water Safari in Old Forge for a day of splashing.

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