Eric’s 1st Soccer Goal!

This is Eric’s 3rd year of AYSO soccer. He played 1 year of U6 (under 6 years old) and this is his 2nd year of U8. U8 soccer is played 5 vs. 5, usually with 3 offensive attacking players and 2 defensive players (no goalie). Eric says he likes playing defense best and has gotten quite good about challenging an oncoming player and kicking the ball back up the field.

But being AYSO all the players rotate and play different positions so he plays offense too. Last spring Eric almost scored a goal. He found himself 20-30 feet from the goal with a loose ball and no opposition. Rather than dibble it in; he kicked it and the ball gradually lost momentum and stopped just short of the goal where it was kicked out by the other team.

On the way to the game Eric told me they had practiced goal kicks in PE at school that day and he hoped he would get a goal. Prophetic…..

This past game the opposing team didn’t use a 3 up 2 back alignment, but all 5 kids went after the ball. There was a clump of kids kicking at the ball and Eric went to the open area between the clump and the goal. Josh Savage either passed or just plain kicked the ball out of the group right to Eric who once again took his shot. This time he was a little closer and the kick was a little stronger. GOAL!

He was beaming from ear to ear. But afterwards he said he still likes playing defense better. I think because he can practice his dance moves like the pictures below.




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