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Last Home Soccer Game

Shout out to varsity Boys Soccer Seniors (Thomas Breil, Josh Dzeikan, Colby Germond, Dean Kousouros, Eric Muller, Jack Schroth, and Jonathan Tolpa) on their final home game tonight! And what a game it was – HP boys varsity soccer advanced their season record to 7-2 with their 1-0 win against Herkimer. Dylan McQuire got the lone goal and HP senior goalie, Jonathon Tolpa, had six saves for the shut out. Boys Varsity soccer team has two more Away games. Unfortunately, they entered this pandemic season knowing they were not being permitted a championship game and yet – they still played their hearts out, simply for the love of the game!

HP Soccer Senior Night

The Holland Patent Varsity Soccer Team held their season opener, honor senior night and a 3-0 win all in one rainy night. Holland Patent began their 11 game schedule vs visiting Little Falls. Only two spectators were permitted for each player; masks and social distancing were expected of all spectators. Along the walk way to the soccer field each senior athlete was honored with a poster. HP jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead in the 1st half. Dylan McGuire scored a goal and had an assist. McGuire found the back of the net just 2:56 into the game and Holland Patent rolled from there. William Zimmerman scored the second goal with 27:50 remaining in the first half with the assist to McGuire. Sawyer Locke scored the third and final goal with 10:40 left before half time. Jake Schroth had the assist.

At half time the senior athletes and their parents walked out onto the field where they were acknowledged with a narrative and pictures. In the 2nd half of the game it began to rain and despite a discrepancy in shots on goal the 3-0 score stood up through out the 2nd half. Two Little Falls players suffered ankle injuries. No injuries were reported for HP.

Eric & AYSO Games: Whitesboro and Sauquoit

October 7 HP-2 played Whitesboro at Whitesboro. Spencer was out so we had a roster of 10 boys. I juggled the team’s line-up to try and start off with more scoring. Eric scored 3 goals in the opening quarter and the game was a 5-1 win. Logan, Eric, Trevor and Nicco all played turns at goalie. Logan and Trevor never had to defend a shot on goal. Eric had to defend one shot. Andrew and Jonas scored their first U10B goals!

October 12 HP-2 played a home game vs Sauquioit – re-scheduled to 5:30pm Friday evening due to a Sauguoit conflict on Sunday. We used a similar line-up and rotation with the addition of playing 8v8. HP-2 started off well; Eric scored two goals, but the team let down in the 4th quarter and Sauquoit scored 3 goals. the main problem being the lack of a defensive rotation from the weak side. Final score was 5-4.

U10B AYSO HP Gold Team

The AYSO U10 Boys team wraps up their regular season on Saturday morning concluding a very successful season. We lost one player from our fall team (Patrick) and gained one new player (Zach). We accommodated four boys (Dylan, Joe, Trevor and Jaden) who played both baseball and AYSO soccer. Two boys (Eric and Andrew) were balancing AYSO soccer commitments vs. Odyssey Soccer Club practices and games.

I know that AYSO doesn’t place a premium on keeping score but going into the last game the HP Gold Team is undefeated. Last Tuesday night’s game took a yeoman’s effort and several goals in the 4th quarter to preserve that record.

In honor of the team I created a HP Gold Poster for each of the players to be handed out following our last game.

I also made a movie which showed three of the boys (Eric, Trevor and Brandon) playing in their 1st U6 game and medley of pictures taken over the course of the fall and spring seasons.

HP Gold


Select 7 Soccer Tournament

HP’s U10 Boys team finished 4th in the 6 team Select 7 Tournament! Congratulations to the 10 boys who played so hard today.

Front row: Austin, Josh, Joey, Josh.  Back row: Jack, David, Thomas, Colby, Eric, Dylan.  Third row: Coach Marcus.


HP Gold U10 Boys Frankfort Soccer Tournament Team

We had nine boys interested in playing in the Frankfort Tournament.

Front row: Zach, Cole, Andrew, Eric. Back row: Trevor, Jaden, David, Aaron and Nicco. Below the team makes the requisite “funny faces picture.”

HP Gold came in 4th in the 6 team tournament beating Frankfort and Remsen and being beaten by Sharon Springs, Richfield Springs and HP Purple.

Below the boys display their awards, pins and ribbons.

AYSO U10B Soccer Opener

Eric’s U10 AYSO Boys Soccer team had their Spring 2012 opening game versus Camden today at 9am.  Temperatures overnight were cold – 26 degrees.  Fortunately we only had 7 boys and they all played continuously and stayed warm.  The Odyssey training that Eric and Andrew have been doing really showed off.  Eric was aggressive to the ball and moved the ball up the field.  HP won 5-1.

U10 Boys Soccer

The Fall soccer season is winding down. One more practice and one more game. This past week held a tournament and two games for our under-10 boys soccer team. On Saturday 15 October we participated in the Utica Region 664 tournament. The team played 5 games in a round robin format with short-sided games, 7 V 7. We had nine players and everyone got a lot of playing time. We had two competitive games, but ended up losing every game. Fortunately the boys got a medallion for participating.

Due to the tournament our regular weekend game was re-scheduled to 5:30pm Monday night at Camden. Only 6 boys showed up so the Camden team loaned us three players and we played 9 v9. It was heavily overcast and got dark early. The referee called an end to the game with 3 minutes remaining due to darkness. Joey had several goals and Aaron got his 1st goal ever. Eric played extremely hard, a carry over from his tournament participation.

Saturday we traveled to Oneida. It rained all morning but stopped in time for our noon game. Conditions were cool and slightly muddy. We won 5-3 with all the Oneida goals scored by one player. Andrew, Dylan, Joe and Eric all scored for HP with Eric scoring on a nice crossing pass from Dylan in the 2nd half.

Afterwards we posed for a team picture. Austin, Jim and Doug in the back row. Aaron, Patrick, Brandon and David in the middle row. Joe, Dylan, Eric, Andrew and Jaden in the front. Missing: Trevor, Nicco, Cole, and Anthony.


Full Moon Weekend

Eric and I were bachelors this past weekend as Kathryn went to Rochester on a multipurpose visit:

  • Lunch with long time friend Debbie
  • Shopping for new clothes
  • Dinner with high school friend Judy
  • Irish-fest with brother Tim and niece Sarah
  • Going away/deployment party for nephew John and wife Danielle
  • Brunch with long time friend Kathy

Eric’s buddy Jack got off the bus with him on Friday after school. Jack’s dad picked him up shortly after 5pm, so the boys only had about 90 minutes to play together – not a lot of time but psychologically it is a good TGIF get-together. After Jack left Eric and I grabbed a quick bit to eat and hopped into the car and drove to Sonne’s to get Eric’s bike which was being repaired for a flat tire and minor tune-up.

Saturday morning was the Eric’s 1st soccer game of the fall season. This year Eric is playing U10. This is a traveling team which will normally play 7v7 with a goalie on a much larger field. The team has 13 players – which is way too many. I concentrated on the roster rotations. The opening game was versus the other HP team. The game ended up as a 3-3 tie. Trevor came home to play with Eric after the soccer game.

Barb and Joe pulled into the driveway right behind us as we got home from the soccer game. After a quick tour of the home remodeling project we all ate lunch on the deck. Barb and Joe took a tour of the yard; checking out the garden, grape vines, blueberry bushes and elderberry plants. I gave them each a taste of Kathryn’s elderberry tonic. Barb took home items loaned out for Billie Jo’s wedding, 4 packages of decafe coffee and a draft copy of The Guide to Winter Camping to review. The boys played in the pool all afternoon.

In the evening Eric, Trevor and I went to Grande’s and sat on the plaza, played pitch and ate pizza.

Sunday afternoon Kathryn returned home and Trevor re-joined us to play with Eric and go bowling at ADK Lanes.

Afterwards I walked down to the pond under the light of a full moon to feed the fish. It was a gorgeous evening.

As the fish food starts to hit the water the tranquility of the water is disturbed by the bass and catfish cruising for food.

The catfish are particularly aggressive scooping up floating fish food along the surface.