Weekend Report

Our weekend began on Thursday evening.  Eric had his final swim lesson at the Holland Patent pool.  He is doing basic strokes; crawl and backstroke.  He is jumping off the diving board.  He is treading water and learning to dive off the side of the pool.

From the swim lessons I took him to his 1st little league baseball practice.  It is playing Minor League B in which the coach pitches to the kids.  He played short stop in the field and took his cut at batting and made a 3 hits out of six or seven pitches.  The practice was cut short due to lighting.  The next practice is scheduled for Tuesday night.

We continued our home remodeling.  I removed the TV sliding tray from our entertainment center moved all our computer equipment into the entertainment center and co-located it with the desk in the living room.  We working on getting the layers (and layers and layers) of wallpaper and plaster from the foyer.

I removed nails from all the molding and wood which had been pulled out of the house.  Eric and Trevor sorted through the wood pile claiming boards to use for their log cabin.

We did two coats of paint, ceiling and walls in Eric’s room – Barely Beige on the walls and one wall of a dark, brick or Spanish red.  Saturday night Eric slept on the coach and despite the room being finished on Sunday night the fumes were too much to have him sleep there Sunday evening. His closet is opened up and is the last item to be completed.  Yet to be completed is the painting, installation of the shelves and drawer unit and the sliding doors.

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