Eric Tube Surfing

We played lots of swimming games during our vacation. A favorite was tube surfing. Eric set the record for the longest surf ~10 seconds. Stone achieved a surf on his first try. Dakota was also quickly successful. None of the adults tried it.


Fishing Alternatives

Saturday stayed foggy all day. Kathryn’s brother, Tim, visited us for lunch, games of euchre and a short hike through the woods. Tim brought their new dog, Abby and Abby had a good run with Scout. It had been many years since I played Euchre and it was Eric’s 1st time.

After Tim left at […]

Weekend Report

Our weekend began on Thursday evening. Eric had his final swim lesson at the Holland Patent pool. He is doing basic strokes; crawl and backstroke. He is jumping off the diving board. He is treading water and learning to dive off the side of the pool.

From the swim lessons I took him […]