Toddy Pond, Maine

We have been blessed with wonderful weather during our vacation. We went swimming every day – usually twice. We did jumping competitions from the dock; swam to a large nearby rock for sunning; and twice we took out the pontoon boat for tubing and swimming in the middle of the lake. We played Jump or Dive, Marco Polo and any other ad hoc water game we could think of.

Below Eric, Kathryn and Scout lounge on the large rock and then Scout, Kathryn and Eric swim in from the rock.

Below Pam relaxes in the tube while Eric prefers being thrown into the water.

Below Jim prepares to dunk Eric, who can be seen below the water in the next picture.

Kathryn and Jim Helmer ride the waves while tubing.

Kathryn picks blue berries. Jim and Eric enjoy fishing from the end of the dock at evening.

Scout, Kathryn, Jim and Eric around the evening fire. Kathryn and Pam on top of Blue Hill Mountain.

We had lots of native blueberries – in fact every other day 2-3 people would pick a bowl from the surrounding bushes for our breakfast cereal. We had a home cooked lobster meal one night, did take out lobster rolls one night, got invited to friends for chicken BBQ and ate at an ocean side restaurant last night to celebrate our 34th year anniversary.

We had a campfire for 3 nights. On Sunday or Monday night we saw a meteor shower with 8 meteors in a 10 minute span including one of the brightest single meteors I have ever seen.

In ‘down’ times we played lots of Sorry. We picked up a new board game called Scotland Yard and played that several times between swims as well.

We had one more quick swim before lunch on Saturday and then drove the 4-5 hours to stay in a motel 6 just NW of Boston and then completed our trip on Sunday morning. Somehow a single 9 hour drive isn’t that appealing.

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