The Ballard of Bill (and Rob)

The Ballard of Bill (and Rob)

Our Sand Fleas team was looking good
Of the ten team league 2nd place we stood.

We were playing that night in position round
Against 1st place Swingers who had beat us sound

The team gathered early for the 7pm game
Except for one, who shall yet be named.

There was Jim, Rob, Cathy.  Kathryn and Scott
But lacking was Bill.  At the game he was not.

Beth came to watch and sat in a chair
Reluctant to play- due to her clothes and loose hair.

Let’s go, growled Jim, we’ll play with who’s here!
If Bill shows up soon, we’ll make him buy beer.

So the Sand Fleas gathered for their opening cheer
And the words from their throats were exceedingly clear.

The cheer was loud for the team was inflamed
“SCREW BILL”! – in one loud voice we proclaimed.

So we played volleyball with inspiration and passion
(Quite opposite of the usual Sand Fleas fashion.)

Bill soon showed up but had to fetch ale
Then stepped on the court and helped us prevail.

It all ended well with three quality wins
And we forgave Bill for his tardiness sins.

Now we are facing the play-off game
Winning the playoffs would bring the team fame

We’re united to bring glory to the Sand Fleas nation
(Except for Rob, who leaves on vacation.)

On Thursday we gather with our intent quite plain
You know the story, I don’t have to explain.

The opening cheer will come from an angry mob,
As the Sand Fleas proclaim “SCREW ROB”!

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