U8 2010 Soccer Game

After last years successful soccer season the U8 team was gutted and I received all new players.  The new team has 10 players (too many); three of which have never played soccer.  It has been back to the basics learning throw-ins, corner kicks, ball skills and defensive positioning.

Our 1st scrimmage we were beat 9-0 with only one shot on goal.  We had no spacing on offense and watched the ball enter the goal on defense.  After that game we worked on offensive spacing and our 1st game, against the same team, we fared better, losing 5-2.  Three goals were uncontested – perhaps even unnoticed!

So the following week we focused on defense and our 2nd game we won 5-3 with major improvements by all players.  If we can tighten up our defense, learn to mark our opponents, and get all three players involved in the offense we can make the next jump in improvement.

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