Tap Dancing on the Table at Soft Maple

We squeezed in one last trip with the pop up camper this weekend. In total we got out with it on five occasions:

  • Eric and Trevor on the 1st weekend after school was out in June,
  • Kathryn took the camper on three trips by herself – one with Trevor, Eric and Wendy/Hanna/Oliva; once to Sturbridge Village with Jean, Eric and Dakota and these past Mon/Tues with Eric and Jack

We left Friday noon and planned to stay through Sunday, depending on what Hurricane Irene did.

We had nice weather on Friday afternoon and Saturday. Eric and Trevor rode bikes with other kids from the campground and went swimming. One of the games was tag where Eric and Trevor tried to sneak up on the adult reading on the beach. It involved commando type tactics and getting really sandy.

Fortunately a quick plunge back in the the water removes most of the sand.


Everyone likes to play Red Rover, Red Rover.

We cooked over the fire and Kathryn made her Dutch Oven lasagna. Kathryn doubted Trevor’s ability to eat three helpings saying “If you manage to eat all that I will tap dance on the table!”. Below Trevor takes the final spoonful.

Kathryn pays off her bet by tap dancing on the table.

Listening to the weather band radio caused us to pack up on Saturday night and leave at 8pm so we didn’t have to pack and drive in the wind and rain on Sunday morning. Even though it did not turn out to be such a violent storm in that neck of the woods at least we didn’t have to pack up in the rain on Sunday. About all we missed was the fun of sleeping in the camper! The boys were disappointed but we stopped at Mercer’s on the way home — ice cream takes care of a lot of tears!
Although everyone was sad to break off the camping trip early it proved to be a wise decision as the rains started around 3am Sunday morning.


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