Knee / MCL Sprain

In mid-November 2011 Eric and I were throwing the football in the yard when I stretched for a pass and felt a tweak in my right knee – nothing serious.  There was no real swelling but it ached for the following few days and I took some time off from wallyball & volleyball.

Conveniently, I had a general checkup with my family doctor the following week and I mentioned it to him.  He checked it out and put me through range of motions tests finally declaring that he thought I sprained my MCL.  He declared “these things can take some time to fully heal – 6 to 8 weeks.  Wear a knee brace if you are doing anything strenuous.”

I rode the exercise cycle and I took some more time off volleyball & wallyball, bought a decent knee brace and started playing in a limited manner after another month or so.

My knee behaved sporadically.  Some days there was no pain, other days minor things like standing a lot would trigger pain.  I would walk across the road with it being a little achy and sometimes the pain would go away – other times it would intensify but then recede.

In mid-January I went to Poland to play a couple hours of pickup volleyball.  After 90 minutes I jumped for a block on Mike Spadaro’s hit on game point and came down re-tweaking my knee.  There was swelling the next morning and I decided to call Hamilton Orthopedic Surgeons.

Surprisingly, I got an appointment the next week.  They took x-rays determined that I had a sprained MCL and told me to wait another 6-8 weeks.  If it didn’t clear up then I should come back for a cortisone shot.

Last Friday I decided enough was enough and scheduled a follow up appointment.  Amazingly there was an 8am slot which I took.  I made the drive to Hamilton where they gave me a shot of Lidocaine for short term numbness and pain relief and cortisone for longer term inflammation and pain relief.  The Lidocaine provided immediate relief all day long making me think I should have asked for a shot in both knees.  The cortisone caused some heat flashes during the night but otherwise the jury is still out.