U10B AYSO HP Gold Team

The AYSO U10 Boys team wraps up their regular season on Saturday morning concluding a very successful season. We lost one player from our fall team (Patrick) and gained one new player (Zach). We accommodated four boys (Dylan, Joe, Trevor and Jaden) who played both baseball and AYSO soccer. Two boys (Eric and Andrew) were balancing AYSO soccer commitments vs. Odyssey Soccer Club practices and games.

I know that AYSO doesn’t place a premium on keeping score but going into the last game the HP Gold Team is undefeated. Last Tuesday night’s game took a yeoman’s effort and several goals in the 4th quarter to preserve that record.

In honor of the team I created a HP Gold Poster for each of the players to be handed out following our last game.

I also made a movie which showed three of the boys (Eric, Trevor and Brandon) playing in their 1st U6 game and medley of pictures taken over the course of the fall and spring seasons.

HP Gold