We got 9″ of new snow on Friday evening, finally enabling some XC skiing and snowshoeing.  Kathryn got ‘lost’ on Saturday when she tried to ski the loop so Sunday AM we set off to traverse the loop and flag the confusing portions.  Eric wore XC skis, I wore snowshoes and Kathryn wore her snowshoes and packed her skis; planning to ski the return trip downhill on our trail. Below the group takes a break near cookout corner.


We got to the top of the hill where Eric grew fatigued, complained of stomach problems and asked to return.  So he and Kathryn skied back down the hill while I snowshoed the loop and flagged the trail such that Kathryn could easily repeat the trip.  It took me from 9:30 – 11:30 to make the snowshoe trail through the woods but it was a pretty trip.