Breaking Snowshoe Trails

On Wednesday I managed to snowshoe around the whole loop – 2 hours a 10 minutes and an accomplishment for me that I probably couldn’t have done a week earlier. Reducing the beta blockers has been beneficial.

But as soon as we get a nice trail, Mother Nature brings us a Thursday full of […]

Breaking Snowshoe Trails

The dogs and I took a nice snowshoe hike spotting a Ruffed Grouse’s Kieppe, what I believe are quite possibly bobcat tracks, a couple of scent marked sticks by alleged bobcat and the miles of view offered by Pen Bonc Hill.

My snowshoeing buddies: Cullen and Scout (who’s long hair gives […]

Maintaining our trails

It has been hard to keep our XC ski trails in good condition as our weather has fluctuated among cold weather, rain, ice storms and lake effect snowfalls. Lots of places are still wet and require some maneuvering around wet spots. We had to move or cut some downed branches. I built a small leaning […]

Snowshoeing the Ski Trail

We finally got a couple of snowfalls – enough to provide a base for our XC ski trails. Skip and I managed to snowshoe to the top of Kirkland’s field (1 hour up and 30 minutes down trail) , followed by another day completing half the lollipop loop. On 26 December the dogs and I […]

The View From Pen Bonc

Earlier this week I retraced our loop trail and bolstered the flagging on portions that were a little confusing. Unfortunately, Kathryn got a cold and then went to Ottawa with Eric, Margaret and Harrisen and did not get to ski the trail. We got another 6″ of snow afterwards and then the weather turned warm […]


We got 9″ of new snow on Friday evening, finally enabling some XC skiing and snowshoeing. Kathryn got ‘lost’ on Saturday when she tried to ski the loop so Sunday AM we set off to traverse the loop and flag the confusing portions. Eric wore XC skis, I wore snowshoes and Kathryn wore her snowshoes […]

Gull Pond

Earlier in winter I had been contacted by Ed’s Wilderness Systems to use and review one of his pulks for winter camping. At the beginning of March I was contacted by a representative of Eureka! offering a winter camping sleeping bag for review.

Over the winter I did a lot of snowshoeing but few overnight […]

Snowshoeing Hughes Gorge

This winter we re-established our snowshoe & XC ski trails. The enjoyment of snowshoeing is the ability to bushwhack and make new trails. One of the more interesting treks was coming from the top of Kirkland’s Field down through the woods to our road traversing a small gorge.

There was steep slope down to the […]

Pen Bonc Snow Shoe Trails

We have been re-creating our snowshoe/ski trails on Pen Bonc. Last week we had a ski party where Kathryn, Skip and Steve skied and Beth, Clint and I snowshoed around our 3.5 mile loop. The trail went from cookout corner across the corn field w/ two stream crossings, up the hill past the recent logging […]

Playing Mantracker

Eric and his buddy Trevor are big fans of the Mantracker show, a reality show in which a search and rescue expert on horseback, armed with a local guide, tries to apprehend two contestants before they achieve a finish line ~20 miles away before 36 hours elapse. The contestants have a map, a compass and […]