Eric’s Science Fair Entry: Old Faithful

Eric’s Science Fair got re-scheduled to Friday after school until 7pm.  He had a poster board about Old Faithful.  The poster covered the location of Old Faithful, Interesting Facts about Old Faithful and the three essentials for a geyser (Water, Heat and a Plumbing System).  He had a working model which consisted of plastic storage bins, gravel, plastic tubing, a super-soaker and some benches and tourists made from Legos. The super-soaker represented the pressure caused by water coming into contact with the magma.  Eric gave away mints to those students, parents and teachers that visited his display.  He had a sign that announced the next eruption, but it turned out scheduled eruptions didn’t suit the Science Fair.


The Science Fair started at 3pm after school and ended at 7pm with a pizza break for the kids from 5-5:30pm.  After the break Eric mounted his model on the table.


Afterwards we realized this caused difficulties in pressuring the water.  Below you can see Eric struggling to generate pressure and the resulting geyser.