April 20th

Eric and Kathryn treated me to breakfast in bed for my 60th.  Later that day Joe, Barb, Jeanne, Rob and Linda all came for dinner and tomato soup cake.  A fine time.


About 10am Daniel, his father Levi and two young Amish men showed up to take down our concrete silo.  Daniel had inquired about it last summer, stating that he would use the concrete staves for sidewalks.  In exchange they cut the brush and trees around the silo.

Sunday Kathryn and I took a 2 hour hike using the new trail to the old farm foundation on Pen Bonc Hill returning via the loop.  There was logging going on along the logging road and our flagging tape indicating the access to the loop trail was gone.

Late afternoon we joined the rest of Eric’s 3rd-4th grade basketball team for recognition at the Rome Sports Hall of Fame.  There were 7 youth teams honored and the ceremony ran about 1 hour.