Last summer our Amish neighbor, Daniel, stopped by because he had heard we wanted to get rid of our old concrete silo.  Daniel wanted the concrete staves to use to build sidewalks.  I told him he could have the silo in exchange for clearing the brush and trees around the silo.  During the fall Daniel stopped by horseback to say he hadn’t forgotten, he just hadn’t got to the silo.  On Saturday morning Daniel knocked on the door and said he was taking the silo down.  He was assisted by his father Levi and two young men.  They worked from 10am – 4pm and had the staves stacked, brush cleared and dropped off 30 concrete staves at our house for us to build a silo.


Monday afternoon I began digging 5-6″ below grade.  By the end of the day we had the area prepared.


On Tuesday afternoon we pegged down the landscape fabric and shoveled about 1″ of sand gathered from the roadside and from Eric’s old sandbox for underneath the blocks.  We leveled each block and then placed edging alongside the blocks to deter grass from growing between the blocks.  Finally we back-filled the edging with dirt along the roadside and partly with sand along the house side.  The house side will later be filled with mulch.

DSCN0010   DSCN0012

Overall we had about 14 hours into the project and used left-over staves, landscape cloth, edging and sand.