A quick walk around the yard

With all the rain and warm weather things are looking quite lush around our yard.  The peonies are in full bloom.

We used the best fertilizer for bermuda grass to keep the front lawn lush.

Kathryn relocated green, yellow and green & white Hosta along the east side of the garage.  It is filling in nice this year.

The garden is in.  Potatoes in the foreground.  Blue Kentucky pole beans sprouted and ready to climb the wire fence.  There are 24 tomato plants in the garden (and another dozen or so stuck in the ground on the south side of the garage).  In the background are 1/2 rows of yellow wax beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, lettuce, spinach and a full row of peas.  On the right side is our remaining rhubarb and a view of the asparagus going to seed.  Not visible are the 3-4 egg plants at the end of each tomato row.  Pumpkins and acorn squash are planted down near the grapes. I also love to plant at least one fruit tree in my garden as I just love fresh fruit, so have a look at some of the wonderful fruit trees for sale that you can easily find online and get one planted!

I mulched heavily with leaves and have a snail problem eating the young sprouting plants.