Clam Bake at Helmers

Kathryn has had a 3-tier clam steamer she received from her mother many years ago.  We have stored it in the barn loft and finally she scheduled a meal with the Helmers to try it out.  The bottom tier held water that would become broth as the levels above steamed.  The next level held sweet corn and potatoes.  The third or top layer, not yet deployed, held clams.  We got a good heat going with the charcoal.


Max and Freck came to watch.



We knew there was a line of thunderstorms coming our way and we could see lightning and hear thunder for 15 minutes before it hit.  We sprang into action just before it hit and rigged a plastic tarp over the fire to protect the charcoal from the rain.  The tarp was effective in shedding the rain, but the runoff from the storm formed a stream through the fire pit.  Phillip struggled with the fire.P1010232

The rain came down hard.


Phillip was ankle deep in a stream of runoff that doused our charcoal fire.


Phillip deployed the smoker but the flames were a little too much; engulfing the clam steamer and causing steam to come off the tarp.  Rachael and Phillip began dumping water on the fire to douse the flames. Plan B was to cook inside but since the power went out Plan C was invoked to cook  on the propane grill.



Kathryn and the boys stayed inside and played board games.


So we ate by candle light and a fantastic meal.  Unfortunately, the components were prepared separately and we still didn’t get an opportunity to use the clam steamer.


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