HP Gold vs Waterville

After losing two closely contested games the U12 Boys finally got a 2-1 win over Waterville.  Josh D. followed a goal attempt by Zach and scored on a rebound off the goalie.  Carter and Luke scored on a give and go.  The boys played the best game to date.

2013-09-22 HP Gold vs Waterville

The team had no botched throw-ins; the goalies (Logan, Eric and Matt) ALWAYS got the ball to wing and not up the center. The team was aggressive committing to loose balls and challenging opposing players.  They did a good job of passing and unloading the ball before being double and triple teamed.
Defensively we have been reciting our mantra:

  • Prevent Scoring. Keep between the ball and the goal.
  • Delay the advance of the ball. Challenge and distract the dribbler.
  • Regain the ball.

We need better communication, particularly on offense, to announce open team mates (. i.e.  “I’m here” “You’ve got help”).  We need our goalie to call out “KEEPER” as soon as they touch the ball.  Matt almost got kicked in the head as he lost contact with the ball and a Waterville player kicked it in for a goal.

This is a young U12 team that will be pretty awesome if they continue this level of improvement for the entire year.


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