HP Travel Team and House Team Opening Games

The HP Travel Team opened with a game vs VVS.  HP lost to VVS 28-36. Eric played two quarters .  He did a good job of playing zone defense and setting ball screens.


Eric typically favors playing the left side of the lane away from the ball.



Saturday morning HP3  House Team played HP2.  they had a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter but lost the game during the press that HP2 employed the last two minutes.  There was some confusion. In the picture above Kathryn captured the moment that Eric came up to give a ball screen for his point guard, Jack.  Jack threw a bounce pass into Eric’s ankles.  Below Eric moves to set a screen on Luke’s defender.


Eric scored 8 points by hitting 4 straight jump shots from his “sweet spot” on the left side of the lane.


HP Travel Team beat an overwhelmed  Notre Dame team 38-23 on Sunday afternoon. Eric was still feeling the glow from his previous day’s performance and took a couple of shots from outside his range, but otherwise played well; scoring once, boxing out well and playing the middle of the 2-3 zone and communicating with his teammates.

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