Wrapping up 2013

We celebrated the holidays multiple times.  My Northrop Grumman office went bowling during lunchtime at King Pin Lanes, we celebrated a Muller Christmas hosted by brother Bob on the Saturday prior to Christmas.  On Sunday we celebrated with Mike/Jen and Chris.

On Christmas eve we spent the afternoon at Billie Jo and Joel’s house and then took Dakota and Stone to Christmas Eve services before returning them to Billie Jo.  Christmas Day we spent at home.

On Friday 27th Skip and I drove to South River, Ontario to meet up for our 4 day / 3 night Chocpaw dog sledding trip.

While I was camping Eric, Kathryn and Jack went bowling.  Eric and Jack went skiing.  Stone, Bella and Dakota came for a play day & sleep over.  Jack and Trevor joined Eric for a sleep over on New Year’s Eve.

I returned from camping on Jan 1.

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