We took Eric, Stone and Dakota to Gettysburg over the weekend.  We left about 1pm on Friday and encountered a lot of rain and heavy traffic delays around Harrisburg.  It took us 7 hours to cover what we thought would be a 5.5 hour drive.   Kathryn booked a hotel with a pool, so that was the 1st item on the list for the kids.

Saturday AM we went to the museum.  We have been to Gettysburg maybe 3 times prior; once on our own, once with Ed and Billie Jo and once taking mom & dad, but we haven’t been there since they re-did the museum.  It was nice.  There was a 20 minute movie, the cycle-o-ram, and the museum.  That took up our morning.  We ate Subway sandwiches on the battlefield and then watched a group of re-enactors load and fire their muskets.  We followed the re-enactors to their campsite where the kids could handle the muskets, gear and ask questions.  We climbed the observation tower, scrambled on the rocks of Devil’s Den and hiked to the top of Little Round Top.  The kids hit the pool for the evening.

Sunday we took a hike along Cemetery Ridge guided by a park ranger.  In the afternoon we played min-golf and then hit the pool.

Gettysburg Collage

Monday we stopped off at Cabelas on our way home.  We encountered no traffic or weather problems on our trip home.  We had a nice vacation.  The kids were good, considering how much history they had to listen to and how long they had to sit in the car.

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