Volleyball Playoffs, Re-Arranging the Livingroom and Cutting Wood

This past week was the volleyball playoffs. Our Wednesday night Volley Llamas team finished 2nd in the 9 team league but lost in the semi-finals 2 games to 1. We had a large lead in the last game and just fell apart. Our team was comprised of AARP members (i.e. old, slow, and achy), with the exception of Billie Jo and a college aged son – we battled injuries and more than one person is doubtful to play next year, so it was an accomplishment finishing where we did.


Kathryn’s Thursday night team played in an more competitive division, but they also finished 2nd in the regular season and got beat in the semi-finals of the playoffs.

Eric got invited to accompany one of his buddies on a family camping trip Friday/Saturday night. So we did what any married couple does when they get a free, childless night – we moved furniture and re-arranged the living room!


Kathryn has had designs on breaking up the big futon couch and making the living room “more one room”. Of course, every piece of furniture that got moved required some cleaning actions to be taken.


So the computer/entertainment center went into the family room. The couch got split up and the little TV got re-positioned.


Saturday and Sunday we cut wood / started a new ski trail through our woods. We cut for a couple of hours on Saturday and then loaded it all onto the 3-point hitch carry-all that my Dad made. I estimate that when it is fully loaded the carry-all takes about ¾ a face cord of wood. We currently have about 8 cord of dead elm and ash firewood and another 4 cord of ash that I cut early in the summer and is likely to be dry enough to burn, but I would like to use it next winter, if possible. This past winter was very cold, we ran our wood stove nearly 24/7 and went through ~10 cord of wood.

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