Re-Arranging the Living Room Furniture

Our living room is a 261 square feet (14.5′ x 18′) and designing useful arrangements has been difficult. Primarily, the room is used for Eric to watch Netflix and eat snacks or in the winter it is used as a reading room when one wants to sit near the wood stove. One of the motivators […]

Land Improvements

On Friday drainage tile was installed in the field south of our house with an immediate stream of water, The pictures below show the access cleared through the fence line connecting the two pastures at their southern extremity, a view of the location of the former dirt pile – now re-distributed and graded. The middle […]

Memorial Day Weekend

On my way home from work I picked up a truck load of mulch (2 cubic yards) which we spread around the landscaping early Friday morning before it got too hot. Kathryn found an old kitchen broom and a roller and we waterproofed the south deck and two stairways. There wasn’t enough left over to […]

Volleyball Playoffs, Re-Arranging the Livingroom and Cutting Wood

This past week was the volleyball playoffs. Our Wednesday night Volley Llamas team finished 2nd in the 9 team league but lost in the semi-finals 2 games to 1. We had a large lead in the last game and just fell apart. Our team was comprised of AARP members (i.e. old, slow, and achy), with […]

Paper Wasp Nest

We had a large paper wasp nest in our red maple tree. It was a production over a couple of days to totally eliminate the wasps.

The King of Mulch

We have landscaped 11 cubic yards of mulch in the past three weeks. That’s three heaping pickup truck loads and one not heaping load. Most of the mulch has gone on the west and north sides of the house where we re-landscaped. But we have mulched between the peonies and the roadside fence; the holly […]


As the next phase in our home remodeling we are landscaping around the house, attachment and garage. This involves digging up old plants, moving them to new locations (in some cases) and planting new shrubbery.

I would dig around each shrub that was to be moved and then use my tractor and slip scoop to […]

Garden and Yard

The seeds (Tomato, Eggplant & Artichoke) I planted last weekend are already starting to germinate! Not much, but just poking through the potting soil. Yea!

The weather was so nice I hoed the garden and planted the 1st row of peas.

I have a large pile of leaf mulch, courtesy of neighbor Rick, to […]

Septic Tank

We only have a little bit of snow covering the grass on our lawn. The wet areas of the lawn (and our septic tank) are showing green grass.

New Imagery

I did a search today and found that updated imagery had been loaded into Google. It was taken between July 20 and August 2. I had a lot of fun looking at the details of the image to help determine the exact date. Based on the tree shadows I believe the picture was taken late […]