Firewood Status

Last winter was cold.  Unprecedentedly cold.  I estimate we burned ~10 cord of wood; 4 purchased and 6 cut by us.  This year Kathryn and I started cutting firewood during late spring/early summer.  We cut mainly dead elm near the old silo.  It was close to walk to and there was a lot of dead elm.  Recently we started working on new trail going from North Trail, traveling SW and connecting to the hay field.  Our mission was twofold:

  1. To harvest the abundant dead ash trees.  These were standing and/or leaning limbs and trees
  2. To develop a hiking/skiing / snowshoe trail that I could maintain with yearly bush-hogging.

The disadvantage of this location is that it is located near the furthest reaches of our property requiring a bit of a walk carrying the chainsaw, and various other essential accessories.  Below Cullen stands in the middle of our cut wood piles.


I estimate we now have ~10+ cord of firewood for this winter.  Our barn is 48′ long.  We have a stack along the barn  40′ long and another 20′  long.  These stacks are at least 5’6″ tall – over 3


Why don’t I store wood in the basement?  Look at the sawdust left by bugs in the dead wood.


On outside bays I have four stacks of wood for next year.  These are 7′ by 6′ stacks with wood drying for next year.


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