Labor Day Weekend, 7th Grade, Woodpile and Cider Press

Labor Day weekend. The end of summer. We are having absolutely gorgeous weather, hot (80s), dry and sunny. We didn’t do anything interesting this weekend. Eric went gone off for an overnight at JD’s  house (who has a pool). We have cut firewood around the pasture and one elm tree for Billie Jo & Joel.  It is really dry so I hooked up the brush hog and gave the trails one last mow.  Since Eric was off for an overnight we had a meal that he usually won’t eat; beef stroganoff with mushrooms.

Eric was ready for 1st day of school and waiting for the bus equipped with head phones, soccer gear (for practice after school) and school supplies.  Cullen and Kathryn waited with him (as did our trash and recyclables for ‘trash day’).  Also shown is Kathryn’s cider press (a loaner) and a picture of our shed with wood piles, camper and truck.

2015-09-08 1st Day of 7th Grade1

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