Labor Day Weekend

We cut firewood to complete Angle Trail from the pasture to North Trail. We ended up cutting live trees; most were ash but a few cherry which were all stacked under the shed to dry for next winter.

Saturday we went to see Bill Nye. He was entertaining, if you were a grown up. But since he lectured, the kids were bored to the point of distraction. It was too bad; I think many people expected the Bill Nye the Science Guy from tv. He has a good sense of humor so his lecture was OK. His basic points: global climate change is happening at an alarming rate; we need to do something to lessen human beings’ impact on climate change; space exploration is good. I think he was preaching to the choir, though. Based on the level of applause, I think there were few people there that didn’t already believe those points.

Then we went to Applebee’s for a snack and had just a terrible experience. It took them so long to get our food, we were there 2 hours. They offered us free dessert to make up for it, but by that time we wanted just to get the heck out of there.  Sunday evening we met Helmers at Recovery Sports Bar in Verona, and had a good time.

Kathryn canned 14 jars of  tomatoes.

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