Last September Weekend

We couldn’t have asked for better weather this weekend. Eric’s soccer game Friday was versus Frankfort – a team that they lost to on Monday.  This time they won 2-1 and controlled the game flow.  Afterwards Eric went to the middle school dance while we played pitch with friends Steve/Linda and Bonnie/Cindy. Saturday I completed my defensive driving class.  Every three years for the insurance discount.  But it was a crime to sit inside on such a nice day. Kathryn canned pears and made applesauce for the winter.  We cut another cord of firewood for next year as we opened up our trail in back of Kincaids so that my tractor and brush hog will fit through.  I climbed up on our roof and cleaned our wood stove chimney.  Our chimney was quite clean. Eric has soccer games on Monday and Tuesday.  Kathryn and I watched the full lunar eclipse before crashing for the night.

2015-09-27 Lunar Eclipse

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