7th Grade Modified Basketball vs Utica Academy of Science

Eric tried out for the 7th grade basketball team along with 30 other boys.  Coach Scott Parsons kept 14 boys and created two 7 man teams for their competitions.  Dylan, Shane and Dennis form the core of the ‘A’ team with Luke, Michael and Eric the core of the ‘B’ team.  After upsetting Frankfort, they beat Sherburne badly.  Sherburne led in Q1, but had a disabled point guard and their B team was unable to score while HP ran up the score for the remaining three quarters.

Snow conditions forced re-scheduling of Tuesday’s game vs Canastota.  Thursday night the Utica Academy of Science brought a good 8th grade team.  UCS had a very good point guard on their A team while their B team featured an extremely tall center (#12) and a good forward (#15).  HPMS eked out a close win to push their record to 3-0.

2016-01-28 HPMS v Utica Academy



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