South Lewis Volleyball Tournament

Kathryn entered a team, The Reverant, at the annual adult co-ed volleyball tournament at South Lewis on Feb. 20th.  The format was 3-3 (minimum 3 girls per team), $120 per team, with championship t-shirts will be awarded to the winning team in each division (competitive and recreational divisions).  For the fourth year another t-shirt won.  She was a little worried some of the  players would be bored, as the other teams couldn’t even really return a soft serve.  A couple teams were OK but the games weren’t even close this year.  The only time it was a bit of a challenge was in the playoffs, but  the other team never got above 16.  Kathryn said that by the 10th game her knees were a little wobbly (even with breaks in between).  Fortunately she was not stiff the next day.


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