Car Repair Weekend

Our weekend was filled with basketball and car repair issues. The 7th grade team had their 1st game on Friday after school and pulled off a stunning upset. Frankfort has beaten HP every game for the last 3-4 years. In fact, they have rarely lost to anybody. They have a different philosophy, usually only putting 8 kids on a team so they have no “A” team and “B” team where all the other schools usually take more kids and have a “B” team. This is the same group who, this past summer, did a 5 minute time killing 3 man weave (there was no shot clock at that level) to ensure a victory. Anyway, so you get there is some history, getting the win very sweet. Saturday’s game was against Sherbourne and we soundly defeated them, even though at the end our coach had the boys dial it back, don’t pressure the ball etc. So it’s been a good start to the season and we shall see how long it continues. Eric is also playing in an AAU team out of Rome, so they had their first practice Sunday. It will be good for him to play with other guys and get different coaching.

Eric got to ski some on Saturday. There may not be much more skiing until we get more snow. Saturday night Jim and I went out to eat with Helmers and to a concert at the Nelson Odeon featuring Dirty Bourbon River Band. The music was different – described as Dixie Land gypsy folk – very up tempo and bouncy but kind of raw. It was good but we were tired and Eric was home alone so we didn’t stay for the second set.

Skip came over for dinner last night to plan canoe trips and to watch the SU game. He is scheduled to have his knee replaced. He says he can’t do anything, and is putting weight back on. He says he will probably try to go to rehab after surgery rather than come right home. Kathryn is house-bound, as we continue to have major car troubles with both cars are in the shop. The Subaru dashboard light problem may be related to the transmission (as the lights would come on when going uphill over 50MPH).  The Volvo has been at Ballister’s for close to a month as we debated the parts and method for replacing the gas filler tube. Being a 1991 Volvo, getting parts (in this case the pipe that goes into the gas tank) and then having someone figure out how to get them in, is an issue. But with some outside consultation, they got it done. Then yesterday, on his way home from basketball he finds he has no liquid in his radiator. Hopefully that is patched up now, but a major repair and/or new car is likely in our future.

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