Spring Break & Jim’s Birthday

Eric had the week off from school and spent Friday and Saturday doing yard work for Bob Ruberti; raking leaves & sticks from the lawn and gravel back onto their driveway.  He picked up some cash and was able to re-infuse his debit card.  He had a AAU practice in Frankfort at Coach Spina’s driveway and Jack Crane spent an overnight.

Kathryn and I took advantage of the nice weather to accomplish yard work.  I raked the area between the fence and road; the front lawn; the sticks from the Shad tree, and four wheel barrow loads of seed pods from the little locust tree.

We had a lot of downed limbs and branches due to winter ice storms and high winds.  Some of the limbs were big enough to cut up with the chainsaw.

Billie Jo  posted a couple of favorite photos on Facebook with a birthday salutation.  The top picture is from one of our 1st trips to Utah.  The bottom picture is one that Ed photo-shopped by combining a picture of me from a back packing trip in 2009 to Kibby Pond with Eric and the Hays onto a pseudo Nature Conservancy magazine cover

For my birthday, Eric gave me a fancy blue bird house and Kathryn got a replacement Bartlett pear tree.  I gifted myself with a truck cap for the Toyota Tundra.  I hated the Tonneau cover and the truck cap is more suitable for loading canoes.  Jim & Pam Helmer joined us for dinner; chicken & biscuits with the traditional Tomato Soup cake.

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