Spring Break & Jim’s Birthday

Eric had the week off from school and spent Friday and Saturday doing yard work for Bob Ruberti; raking leaves & sticks from the lawn and gravel back onto their driveway.  He picked up some cash and was able to re-infuse his debit card.  He had a AAU practice in Frankfort at Coach Spina’s driveway and Jack Crane spent an overnight.

Kathryn and I took advantage of the nice weather to accomplish yard work.  I raked the area between the fence and road; the front lawn; the sticks from the Shad tree, and four wheel barrow loads of seed pods from the little locust tree.

We had a lot of downed limbs and branches due to winter ice storms and high winds.  Some of the limbs were big enough to cut up with the chainsaw.

Billie Jo posted a couple of favorite photos on Facebook with a birthday salutation. The top picture is from one of our 1st trips to Utah. It ended up being a lot more fun than we expected, and way more comfortable as well. We ended up investing in something like those park models that you often see at RV dealership. It made for a great place to stop, get something to eat, and get a good night’s sleep as well. It made a huge difference. We ended up planning further trips and planning our stops similarly actually.

Then we move on to the bottom picture. This is the one that Ed photo-shopped by combining a picture of me from a back packing trip in 2009 to Kibby Pond with Eric and the Hays onto a pseudo Nature Conservancy magazine cover.

For my birthday Eric gave me a fancy blue bird house and Kathryn got a replacement Bartlett pear tree.  I gifted myself with a truck cap for the Toyota Tundra during a recent truck repair spree.  I hated the Tonneau cover and the truck cap is more suitable for loading canoes.  Jim & Pam Helmer joined us for dinner; chicken & biscuits with the traditional Tomato Soup cake.

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