Team Bummer – Mainly Mullers

Sunday Kathryn organized a team  to play in Dolgeville’s Team Bummer benefit volleyball tournament.  Eric stayed at Union College to compete in the playoffs of his Bbrawl AAU tournament.  They played the same two teams they played on Saturday; this time beating the Schoharie Nitros by 15 points and losing to the Comets by 30.

There were six teams in our intermediate pool and the “Mainly Mullers” team finished 2nd in our pool with a record of 8-2. It was fun.  Though there was a lot of waiting in between games.Everyone complained that the net was set to women’s height. We lost the first two games to an amazing team of 4.  They were all over the place.  I believe they didn’t lose a single game.  We also were just sort of getting the feel of one another. The four person team  managed to hit every time, and hit through our blockers.  It was amazing.  None of them looked like volleyball players – they were all sort of short and sort of scruffy looking.  The woman was quite short, didn’t look particularly young and was a bit dumpy in build – but she got every pass and made a GORGEOUS set every time.  And they hit everything.  Boy did they hit. We took all the rest of the games which came to 8 games won and came in 2nd place on our court.
Didn’t like the way they did playoffs.  Just the first placed team from each court for the playoffs and since we lost to the four person team, we didn’t make it.  Our court seemed to have all the decent teams and the other court seemed to have less competitive teams for some reason (though it was supposed to be random) so whoever had to play that 4 person team must have gotten crushed.  When we left, it didn’t look like there was anyone left from the second court.

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